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About Zunder

Zunder was founded by three long-time friends at the end of year 2015. The idea for Zunder originated whilst doing the mandatory military service in Switzerland and was afterwards continually developed. The goal was to produce toothpicks with a truly natural and rich flavour. Over two hundred experiments were conducted to that end, the outcome of which are the Zunder toothpicks we have today.

Zunder toothpicks have a long-lasting flavour and refresh the breath. The toothpicks are currently available in Apple, Tropic, Lime, Cinnamon, Mint, Menthol and Berry flavours. New experiments are already being conducted in order to expand the product range. Zunder also tries to do its part for the environment and work towards a sustainable use of natural resources.


Daniel Wuffli

Co-founder, CEO

Alexander Zündorf

Co-founder, CFO

Jan Ramseyer

Active Partner, Customer Support

Noël Cserépy

Co-founder, Board Member

Patrick Ziegler

Active Partner, Board Member

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Company Details

Zunder ZMG GmbH CHE-410.024.240

Noël Cserépy, Managing Director
Daniel Wuffli, Managing Director
Alexander Zündorf, Managing Director
Patrick Ziegler, Co-Proprietor
Jan Ramseyer, Co-Proprietor

Minervastrasse 117
CH-8032 Zürich