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Cinnamon - Box

Experience the warm, aromatic and subtly spicy flavour of our Cinnamon Toothpicks. The Sri Lankan spice has been popular for centuries for its aromatic flavour, and now you can enjoy the deliciously woody taste in our Cinnamon Toothpicks. Pungent and slightly sweet, the fragrant warmth of cinnamon offers a completely different experience from our other flavours. Cinnamon also forms the perfect flavour combination with chocolate, making our toothpicks the ideal follow-up to dessert. Uniquely spicy and perfect for warming up cold winter days, our Cinnamon Toothpicks can be enjoyed following your morning coffee, after a meal or at any time the mood takes you.

Zimt - Box

80 Toothpicks in our Classic Metalbox

Ingredients: Birch toothpick, flavours (contains Cinnamal)

Enjoy our Toothpicks anytime, anywhere, and use within one month of opening to enjoy the freshness at its best. Wood from certified sustainable FSC forests.

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