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Lime - Bag

Enjoy the fresh and zestful flavour of our revitalising Lime Toothpicks. Infused with fruity freshness, our flavoursome natural Lime Toothpicks allow you to enjoy a sharp and delicious citrus burst anytime, anywhere. Combining a unique fusion of natural flavours, our fruity toothpicks can be enjoyed after a meal, at the office or any other time you want to experience the invigorating and tangy flavour of natural lime. Vibrant and stimulating, the toothpicks boast an intense flavour that lingers long in the mouth and leaves your breath cool and fresh throughout the day.

Lime - Bag

80 Toothpicks in our Practical Refill Pouch

Ingredients: Birch toothpick, flavours (contains Limonene), Sweetener: Stevia Extract

Enjoy our Toothpicks anytime, anywhere, and use within one month of opening to enjoy the freshness at its best. Wood from certified sustainable FSC forests.

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