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Menthol - Bag

Refreshment is guaranteed with our cool Menthol Toothpicks. Now you can enjoy the invigorating freshness of instantly cooler breath. Our Menthol Toothpicks provide a smooth, icy blast, perfect for waking you up first thing in the morning or energising your afternoons. Whether you enjoy them after a meal or throughout the day, our Menthol Toothpicks are the ultimate flavour for cooling the mouth, converting every breath into a cold rush of fresh mountain air. Breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh minty hit of our rich natural menthol flavour for long-lasting coolness.

Menthol - Bag

80 Toothpicks in our Practical Refill Pouch

Ingredients: Birch toothpick, flavours

Enjoy our Toothpicks anytime, anywhere, and use within one month of opening to enjoy the freshness at its best. Wood from certified sustainable FSC forests.

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