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Mint - Refill

Freshen up at any time of the day with our cool, natural Mint Toothpicks. Enjoy the subtle flavour of mint and enjoy a burst of refreshment. The distinctive flavour of mint lingers long in the mouth to provide you with extra fresh breath all day long. Crisp and cool, our Mint Toothpicks are the perfect end to any meal. Enjoy them in the office or while out and about and keep your breath minty fresh for longer. Sharp without being harsh, our revitalising and stimulating Mint Toothpicks will keep you fresh and alert throughout the day.

Mint - Refill


3x80 Toothpicks. Box + Bag + Bag.

Ingredients: Birch toothpick, flavours

Enjoy our Toothpicks anytime, anywhere, and use within one month of opening to enjoy the freshness at its best. Wood from certified sustainable FSC forests.

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